Fly fishing in Labrador

Labrador is a Mecca for native Brook trout and landlocked salmon. I have some photos of a trip I made there in 2005. We stayed at Kepimets Camps, owned by Matt Libby.
This is an aerial view of the island on Kepimets Lake where the camp is located.
Getting our gear aboard in Labrador City for our trip to camp. We had to bring everything in with us, gear, food, booze, fuel, even a 12 gauge shotgun due to reports of a bear on the island.
This is a view of our camp from the dock.

These are the guest cabins.

These are the two boats we used to travel to the rivers everyday.

Myself and my buddy Richard headed out, our guide Gerard is on the tiller, not a smile on any of our faces. We look like we’re going on a hit, you can tell this is serious business!

Labrador is famous for big Brook Trout, most of the fish we caught were in this size range. We fished all kinds of flies, big streamers, nymphs and dry fly’s. Everything worked, the fish were not selective. Our most productive dry fly was a Goddard caddis, size 10, but they would hit Wulff’s stimulators, and hoppers.

Mostly we waded but sometimes stopped and fished likely spots from the boat. This is Seth with a fine brookie!

We did get some big fish, this was the fish of the week, a 10 pound plus Landlocked salmon caught by Roy on a 5wt rod and 5X or 6X tippet! There were some scary moments there but Roy landed this beauty.

Even I got some nice fish, This fish kept following my fly but wouldn’t take, so I put on a size 12 woolly bugger I had found in the mouth of another brookie earlier that day, this one liked it too!

The river was big and brawling, big boulders that were very slippery, but the wading was generally good and it was possible to get to spots mid-river, you just had to be careful. Of course the guides walked all over the river as if were a putting green.

We had a nice shore lunch every day, as you can see, these guides knew what they were doing.

You just can’t beat a nap after lunch!

Dinner after a long day on the river. This was a pike fish fry that was delicious! We caught a bunch of pike out on the lake for dinner, that was a lot of fun. Some of those pike are scary!!

After dinner, a few cocktails around the campfire, we even saw the northern lights!

De plane, boss, de plane!!
All good things come to an end, after a great week with great friends we are headed home.


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