Montana Morning Part 2

Montana Trip Stream

Trico fishing techniques are usually not included in the typical “Fly Fishing 101” package. Successful trico fishing requires advanced fly fishing skills and many inexperienced and even experienced fly fishermen find in extremely challenging. So great is the frustration for some fisherman that they would rather avoid a trico hatch altogether. Fisherman who fail miserably […]

Richards wet fly, the man, the fly, the legend……

  This is my friend Richard, he is a retired flyfishing photographer. His work has appeared in all the major flyfishing magazines and books. Having spent the past fifteen years photographing other people catching fish, Richard now spends most of his time with a fly rod in his hand instead of a camera. We have […]

Another Bass trip on the Penobscot River

This is my friend Paul McGurren. Paul and I fish the Penobscot River every year for smallmouth bass. Paul manages the flyfishing department at Maine Sports in Rockport Maine. The smallmouth fishing on the Penobscot is outstanding, Paul is a registered Maine Guide and has been guiding this section of the Penobscot for 20 years. […]

Some flies that have been good to me lately!

Head: Glass bead Body: Olive copper wire Thorax: Burgundy dubbing Head: Gold bead Tiemco 2487 size 20 Tail: Pheasant Tail fibers Rib: Copper wire Body: Pheasant tail fibers Thorax: Peacock herl This fly worked well during an Olive hatch Tail: 3 Dun Microfibbets, split Wing: Snowshoe Rabbit foot Body: Olive Turkey biot Thorax: Olive dubbing […]

The West Branch of the Penobscot River

Just mention the words “West Branch” to a Maine fly fisherman and he knows you are talking about the West Branch of the Penobscot. One of Maine’s premier land locked salmon fisheries, the west branch of the Penobscot is also one of Maine’s most beautiful and rugged rivers. Mount Kathadin, Maine’s largest mountain , stands […]